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Triangle pose

The triangle pose in yoga is Trikonasana. It strengthens the knee thigh and ankle.

Stretching pose

The stretching pose is called the kundalini circle. It strengthens the knee and the thighs.

Half moon pose

The half moon pose in yoga is called the Ardha Chandrasana. It strengthens the abdomen, thigh, and ankle.

Warrior pose

The warrior pose in yoga is called the virabhadrasana. It strengthens the shoulders and arms.

Tree pose

The tree pose in yoga is Virshasana. It strengthens the calf, thigh and the vertebral column.

Tree pose

The tree pose in yoga is called the Vriksasana. It strengthens the shoulder and ankle.

Down dog pose

The Down dog pose is called the Adho Mukha savasana. It strengthens the leg and the arm.

Dancer pose

The dancer pose in yoga is called the Natrajasana. It strengthens your thighs, back, and shoulders.

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Yoga is the best way to transform your body to your desired shape in the most natural and healthy way.
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